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Statistics show that our aging population is living longer and is more active than past generations. Operations to replace worn out knees and hips are technologically more advanced today and less invasive than in the past. For over 30 years, Somers Orthopaedics’ reputation for excellence is recognized as superior, innovative and cutting-edge. Somers Orthopaedics, in affiliation with Putnam Hospital Center, created the Center for Orthopaedic Excellence devoted exclusively to musculoskeletal care. This facility houses the region’s only Vertical Laminar Airflow surgical suites for total hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery. These suites are engineered to eliminate virtually all dust and bacteria from entering the surgical area, thereby greatly reducing the risk of infection. Somers Orthopaedics is proud to be the first to utilize this advancement in surgical technology when caring for their patients.

Our affiliation with New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases allows us to offer state-of-the art care close to home. With 5 locations and a supporting staff of over 100 people, we can see patients in a very timely manner and provide them with the care they need to get better faster.

Whether you’re a senior citizen with mobility problems, a little league pitcher with a sore shoulder, or a dancer with a sprained ankle, it is always our goal at Somers Orthopaedics to give you back the mobility you thought you had lost. Somers Orthopaedics is affiliated with Putnam Hospital Center and Northern Westchester Hospital.


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